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In a notable interaction hosted by and Dr.Prashant Madanmohan, Armenian chess Grandmaster Smbat Lputian shared insights into his illustrious career, his philosophy on chess, and the role of determination and mental agility in achieving success. The interview, which garnered significant attention from chess enthusiasts and cognitive science researchers alike, shed light on the intricate interplay between strategy, intuition, and cognitive prowess in the game of chess.

Lputian, renowned for his achievements in the chess world and his contributions to promoting the game in Armenia, delved deep into his personal journey. He candidly discussed the challenges he faced, emphasizing the importance of mental resilience and adaptability. One of the key highlights of the interview was Lputian’s perspective on preparation. Contrary to popular belief, he revealed that while structured practice is essential, it was his unwavering focus and the ability to remain mentally agile during tournaments that often gave him an edge over his competitors.

The Grandmaster also touched upon his initiatives to integrate chess into Armenian educational institutions. He spoke of the cognitive benefits of the game, drawing parallels between the strategic thinking required in chess and its applicability in real-world problem-solving scenarios., a platform dedicated to exploring cognitive enhancement techniques and their practical applications, found in Lputian a perfect embodiment of their ethos. The interview underscored the platform’s commitment to bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and contemporary scientific research. By hosting such interactions, continues to foster a community keen on understanding and enhancing human cognitive capabilities.

The interview with Smbat Lputian stands as a testament to’s dedication to bringing forward diverse perspectives on cognition, mental agility, and the myriad ways in which individuals can harness their mental potential.


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