A Mesmerizing Tale of Mind Control, Memory Mastery and a New Dimension of Being

Amidst the rhythmic cadence of Chennai, where every narrow alley, animated workspace, and familial abode hums with dreams and chants of ambition, Dr. Leander’s distinctive narrative emerges. Drawing from personal anecdotes, like his transformative encounters with David of Sasoun or the Wings of Tatev. From Armenia to GangaiKonda Cholapuram, he presents a groundbreaking innovation – CogniShift. It evokes the unparalleled power of the human mind. Dive deep into this mesmerizing journey, where the age-old wisdom of monks seamlessly intertwines with the precision of a stethoscope, revealing the secrets of mind control, memory mastery, and a transcendent dimension of existence. Witness the transformation of individuals who, under the guidance of his insights, discover new abilities they never knew existed. Delve into a narrative that is both a spiritual voyage and a guide to mastering one’s mind and memory, offering a blueprint to a higher plane of existence.Interesting stories about legends like Dr.R.Sethuratnam , Perch Poghosyan, Prof.Dr. Lems Nersiyan , Smbat Lputyan


About The Book

“The Monk with a Stethoscope” is more than just a book on pathbreaking mind and memory techniques for exam goers; it’s a revelation to CogniShift – An innovation in education, healthcare, nation-building and a portal to obtain a higher level of existence.

A lifeline for anyone seeking to change their circumstances , transcend their limitations and create an INDIA where dreams come true.

A Mesmerizing Tale of MInd Control, Memory Mastery, & a New Dimension of Being.

Praise for “The Monk with a Stethoscope”:

The book unravels a layer of the intricate relationship between the mind, memory, and the vast expanse of human potential.This book is more than just a compilation of mind and memory power techniques”

-Kalaimamani Dr Prakash M Swamy

Senior International Journalist


“A thrilling journey , an unraveling of ground breaking techniques for mind control, memory and unlocking a higher plane of existence.”

“A must-read for anyone seeking to grow rich, achieve their goals, succeed and transform!”

-Prof.Dr.P.Gopinathan,MBBS, MS Ortho, D. Ortho, MRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glasgow), DNB, MNAMS , HOD Orthoapedics, Calicut


Shankaran DuraisamyShankaran Duraisamy
05:59 07 Sep 23
Dr. Leander's book is like a chat with an old friend - comforting, enlightening, and full of wisdom. A delightful read for anyone and everyone!
Yousuf FaizudeenYousuf Faizudeen
05:57 07 Sep 23
From village tales to mind mastery, this book is a treasure trove of insights. Dr. Leander's voice is both authentic and motivating.
Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar
05:54 07 Sep 23
Every page of 'The Monk with a Stethoscope' offers a new perspective. Dr. Leander's tales are both grounding and uplifting.
Krishna ReddyKrishna Reddy
05:51 07 Sep 23
Packed with life hacks, touching stories, and genuine wisdom. Dr. Leander's book is a gem that speaks to the soul
Deepak KumarDeepak Kumar
05:48 07 Sep 23
A rollercoaster of emotions and wisdom! Dr. Leander's journey is relatable and inspiring. A must-read for everyone!
Anirudh MalpaniAnirudh Malpani
05:31 07 Sep 23
Absolutely loved 'The Monk with a Stethoscope'! Dr. Leander's journey had me hooked from start to finish. It's not just a book, it's a life lesson. Great for anyone looking to boost their mind and memory. A must-read
mari prashantmari prashant
16:09 01 Sep 23
As a voracious reader book fanatic, I've journeyed through countless narratives, but Dr. Leander's odyssey stands out like a beacon. The blend of ancient wisdom, modern insights, and a deeply personal journey had me riveted from page one. The techniques on mind control and memory enhancement are not just theoretical fluff but actionable steps that I've already begun to incorporate into my daily life. This isn't just a book; it's an experience, a mentor in paper form. A must-read for anyone seeking to elevate their life and mind. Bravo!"
16:08 01 Sep 23
A Game-Changer for Students!As a student neck-deep in exam prep, I've tried countless methods to improve my focus and retention. Dr. Leander's book was a revelation! The mind control and memory techniques are practical, easy to implement, and genuinely effective. Within weeks, I've noticed a significant improvement in my recall and understanding. Beyond the techniques, the personal journey and stories are incredibly motivating. This isn't just another self-help book; it's a lifeline for students like me. Highly recommended for anyone looking to ace their exams and transform their study habits!"


“The book unravels a layer of the intricate relationship between the mind, memory, and the vast expanse of human potential. This book is more than just a compilation of mind and memory power techniques” - Kalaimamani Dr Prakash M Swamy Senior International Journalist, TIMES OF INDIA

- Kalaimamani Dr Prakash M Swamy Senior International Journalist,


“In essence, “The Monk with a Stethoscope" is more than just a book. It's a guide, a mentor, and a community. It offers readers not just a story, but tools, techniques, and a pathway to real-world application and transformative change. Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional enhancement, or a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it, this book promises to be a beacon of light. Dive in and let the odyssey begin!”
Prof.Dr.P.Gopinathan, MBBS, MS Ortho, D. Ortho, MRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glasgow), DNB, MNAMS , HOD Orthoapedics, Calicut
“Dr Leander, orthopaedic surgeon par excellence, visionary and forward thinker, pens his paradigm, honestly, onto paper and soul.”
Dr.Vinay, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ambilikkai (The Champion of Oddanchatram )
"Dr Prashant Leander is a visionary with excellent leadership skills. Other than his impeccable clinical acumen, Dr Leander has a multi-talented personality, and has developed innovational memory retention techniques. Having personally seen Dr. Leander successfully guide hundreds of medical graduates, I can confidently vouch for the benefits of this book to anyone who wants to unleash their true potential and achieve success in life!"
Dr.Abhishek Paul (DNB, FICO, MRCS Ed, Ex-Pediatric/Squint fellow, FRCS-G II)

, Leading Indian Eye Specialist Opthalmologist Surgeon
“When I first met Dr Leander, though it was a virtual meet on telephone, I was mesmerized by his vision towards a particular goal in life. He has the strong ability to transform lives spiritually. I'll say, his words of wisdom are much needed in the hustle bustle of life , where a common man forgets how powerful his mind is. I wish him all the best , for his new launch through which,I'm sure he will ignite minds of many people out there.”
Dr.Ankit Shrivastava, MBBS, FAGE, DNB Leading Indian Anaesthetist
“Sir this is a remarkable achievement. I have always admired your dedication and now your creativity, the words woven together is so mesmerizing . Your unique perspective and insights have created a captivating reading experience that resonates deeply. Congratulations sir! Proud to be your student sir!”
Dr.Nivetha MBBS,MS Obstetrics & Gynecology

CogniShift Inauguration & Book Launch

Inauguration Book Release by Legendary Indian Movie Director and screenwriter Thiru Linguswamy (movies Run, Payya and many more) and Famous Indian Tamil Poet, writer, screenwriter, film director Thiru Brinda Sarathy (Thithikkude)

Who all can benefit from this book

For those standing at the crossroads of decision-making, wondering whether to delve into "Dr. Leander's Odyssey," here's a comprehensive breakdown of what awaits you:

Business Owners

Understand the

importance of empathy, goalsetting, and time management in

running a successful venture.


Learn techniques to

manage time efficiently, ensuring a

balanced life.

Authors and Academicians

Enhance cognitive abilities and

harness the power of ancient

wisdom for modern-day creativity

and teaching.

Teachers and educators


innovative methods to impart

knowledge and engage students.

What are the salient features of the book and what it entails

Journey of Resilience:

Traverse the inspiring journey of Dr. Leander, from his roots in India to his transformative experiences in Armenia, and back to his homeland. Witness his challenges, triumphs, and the lessons he gleaned along the way

Universal Appeal:

Dr. Leander's experiences and insights resonate with individuals from all walks of life

Memory and Mind Power Techniques

Enhance your cognitive abilities with techniques that amalgamate ancient wisdom and modern research. These tools are invaluable for students, professionals, and lifelong learners.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science:

The book seamlessly blends age-old wisdom with research-backed methods, providing a holistic approach to personal and professional development

Inspirational Tales:

From the bustling streets of Chennai to the serene landscapes of Oddanchatram, every chapter is a testament to human resilience. Dr. Leander's encounters, especially with the wise old man and the tales of a border town, are bound to inspire and motivate

Practical Wisdom:

The book doesn't just offer stories; it provides actionable insights. The SMART goals technique, presented in Dr. Leander's unique style, is a tool that readers can immediately apply in their personal and professional lives.

Productivity Hacks:

Discover time management strategies, productivity hacks, and the principles of time blocking to optimize your daily routine and achieve more in less time.

A Journey of Self-Discovery:

At its core, this book is about finding oneself amidst life's chaos. Dr. Leander's introspective moments, especially his realization in the paddy fields, offer readers a mirror to their own souls.

Cultural Exploration:

Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Indian and Armenian cultures. Experience the beauty, challenges, and spirit of these ancient civilizations and understand how they shape individual destinies.

Empathy and Patient Care:

For those in the healthcare sector, Dr. Leander delves deep into the art of creating empathy, leading to improved patient outcomes and a more fulfilling professional journey

CogniShift in Healthcare Education:

Learn about the revolutionary CogniShift
principles and how they can innovate healthcare education, bridging the gap between traditional methods and modern needs

SMART Goals Technique

Dr. Leander introduces the time-tested SMART goals technique, but with his unique spin. Learn how to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Join the CogniShift Community:

Engage with a global community that's committed to effecting change. Share, learn, and grow with peers and mentors.

Live Interactions:

Benefit from live sessions with Dr. Leander, where he provides a roadmap to implement the book's teachings into actionable, practical steps

Measurable Results:

The book and its extended offerings are designed to provide measurable, time-bound results, ensuring that readers can track and celebrate their progress

Certifications for Mastery:

Validate your learning and mastery of the CogniShift principles through certifications, a testament to your dedication and understanding

For the Dreamers and Doers:

If you've ever felt the weight of societal expectations or the pull of your own dreams, Dr. Leander's choices and dilemmas will speak to you. His story is a beacon for those who dare to dream differently

Unveiling the CogniShift Approach:

Dr. Leander introduces the groundbreaking CogniShift approach, a harmonious blend of mind, memory, and meticulously curated principles.

This unique methodology
is designed to unlock a higher plane of existence, empowering individuals to transcend their perceived limitations and achieve unparalleled heights in both personal and professional realms.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned practitioner in self improvement, the CogniShift approach offers fresh perspectives and tools to elevate your journey

"Unlock Your Potential with The Monk With A Stethoscope: Transform Dreams into Reality"

“Embark on a journey of discovery, wisdom, and inspiration. Don’t miss out on Dr. Leander’s captivating tales and life-changing insights. Secure your copy now and take the first step towards a transformative experience. Buy the book today!”

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