YearFilmCredited asNotes
2001AanandhamRed XGreen tickDialogues only
2003ThithikudheGreen tickGreen tickRemake of Telugu film Manasantha Nuvve
2010PaiyaaRed XGreen tickDialogues only
2012VettaiRed XGreen tickDialogues only
2014AnjaanRed XGreen tickDialogues only
2018Sandakozhi 2Red XGreen tickDialogues and also lyrics for Sooriyarum Sooriyanum
2022The WarriorrRed XGreen tickTamil dialogues only

This is a filmography of Tamil Poet, Writer, Film Director, Storywriter and dialogue writer Thiru Brinda Sarathy.

Thiru Brinda Sarathy was interviewed by Dr.Prashant Madanmohan to seek inspiration for his true life experiences and motivational book – The Monk With A Stethoscope. Thiru Brinda Sarathy and Thiru Linguswamy generously congratulated the author on his book release.

Dr.Prashant Madanmohan with Thiru Brinda Sarathy and Thiru Linguswamy at The Monk with a Stethoscope Book Launch 2023

The author was influenced by the exemplary works of the Tamil poet and has penned down his thoughts in a short interview style biography.

Interview Biography – Thiru Brindha Sarathy

by Dr.Prashant Madanmohan

On my quest to interview successful and talented artists to derive inspiration for my book, I set foot on a journey into the mind of a Tamil poet , Film Director, storywriter – Thiru Brindha Sarathy. I had heard a lot about him from my mother who is also a Tamil poet and literary critic. As I sat waiting in his lobby, my eyes couldn’t stop gazing at the many certificates and awards on display. Sharp on time I saw a tall saintly looking gentleman with the look of someone who has seen a thousand stories unfold in his mind. As we exchanged pleasantries, I could feel his interest to share his wisdom. As always I was ready with my black diary and pen, grateful for another day of learning from this wise man.

  1. How did you choose to become a Film Director?

Ans- I initially was on the track to become a Tamil Professor, that was my goal since school.As I grew up and became a teenager in college, I developed a taste in cinema. I was influenced by famous directors like K Balachandar, Barathiraja. I thought to my self why not become a director like them. Propounding my thesis were my friends who compared my routine conversations to movie dialogues. They in turn inspired me to take up this path. I took participation in Kamban Kazhagam – Poetry competition in college in Kumbakonam, where I secured the first spot. That really boosted my confidence. I finished college and left for Chennai, my parents adviced against it, they said you’ll lose your way, but I had already decided my path.

2. How did you focus to achieve your goals?

Ans- It was a journey of 7 years of many struggles and hurdles. There are many distractions in the world of cinema, alcohol being one. Alcohol is the reason many talented individuals do not reach their intended goals and stature in life. I focused on being helpful to others and to myself. Being helpful to others guarantees success. I also eliminated all distractions. One other distraction to artists is jealousy, it influences the mindset of a person and changes him into something else. We should look towards the brightness and never darkness.To get success, always tread the straight path, connect the straight line from your present position to your target, no diversions or detours.

3. What are the words of inspiration and wisdom from your personal experiences that you would like to share with the present generation and aspirants?

Ans- Remember the world’s victory is your victory. This should be your driving motive.This thought should reflect in your words and action. When the people sense this quality in you, they will respect and help you. Focus and determination are the 2 most important qualities one should develop. Don’t take detours, you may not get back to the point of return again. The detour may become the point of no return. Even if you cannot run, just go 1mm in the correct direction you desire.

4. Any particular motivational books you remember which helped you?

Ans- I would like to mention the book “Yennangal” by M.S. Udayamurthy.

5. What are the personal challenges you faced? Any particular one and how you conquered them?

Ans-” One particular challenge I would like to share, it was my fear of darkness when I was a child. When I was a kid I had a fear of new places and that would trouble me while sleeping. I ultimately conquered all these fears, meditation helped me, even now every morning at least half an hour I meditate. You must remove all fears, wipe out all fears from even your darkest corners of the subconscious. That should be top priority .Now I don’t get those dreams. You should build a character, a personality, just like I do of the hero in my movies and stories.

Keep working to remove obstacles and distractions, it’s like an everyday routine, it doesn’t end. After a while you get friends only through work, you are not confined in a classroom anymore. Your life circle grows now only through your work. Once you attain victory, work towards your next victory. Like Confucius I would say find your passion and never work in your life, rather follow your passion, let it work for you. All obstacles will disappear when you work towards your goals.”