Armenian Legacy in India

Millenia old tale of two nations and people- long lost neighbours, India & Armenia. Armenian Legacy in India by Dr.Prashant Madanmohan and Mari Poghosyan This book is a documentary on the Armenian legacy in India, chronicling the contributions of Armenians to Indian culture and history at various points in time . It also contains an […]

Armenian Spiritual Sanctuaries by Lems Nersisyan

ARMENIAN SPIRITUAL SANCTUARIES 2024 Lems Nersisyan The book is a treasure trove of armenian culture and heritage, paintings and ready reckoner of Armenian monasteries and monuments. The contemporary innovative Armenian painter, art and cultural figure, artist pedagogue Lems Nersisyan, in his paintings presents the beauty of Armenia with landscapes and thematic works. The artist’s paintings […]

Critical Acclaim for Cognishift The Monk With A Stethsocope from Impressionist Artist Educator Prof. Dr. Lems Nersisyan

Innovative Mind and Memory Mastery Book Receives Praise and Recognition from World-Renowned Artist and Educator, Signifying a Milestone in Cognitive Enhancement Literature.​ Chennai, 26 September 2023: Chennai, 26.09.2023 – Dr. Prashant Madanmohan’s groundbreaking book, “CogniShift: The Monk with a Stethoscope,” has received critical acclaim from the esteemed Impressionist artist and educator, Prof. Dr. Lems Nersisyan. […]

Mention of Sasuntsi Davit in “The Monk with a Stethoscope” on

Mention of Sasuntsi Davit in “The Monk with a Stethoscope” on In the acclaimed book “The Monk with a Stethoscope,” featured on, the legendary Armenian epic hero Sasuntsi Davit (David of Sasun) plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and the philosophical underpinnings of the text. The book, known for its exploration […]