The book is a treasure trove of armenian culture and heritage, paintings and ready reckoner of Armenian monasteries and monuments.

The contemporary innovative Armenian painter, art and cultural figure, artist pedagogue Lems Nersisyan, in his paintings presents the beauty of Armenia with landscapes and thematic works. The artist’s paintings depict the hidden treasures of Armenia.In the picture book there are also sketches of khachkars cross stones, which are characteristic of the mentioned sanctuaries and have a special significance.

Praise for “Armenian Spiritual Sanctuaries :

” Armenia has many gems which still remain today and this book immortalizes these monasteries and monuments with fine regal splendour, a masterpiece by Prof Dr.Lems Nersisyan “

— Dr.Prashant Madanmohan, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Author

” In the paintings there is only love and longing for the motherland. Lems Nersisyan actually walked around impassable places and painted these 71 monuments.”

— Mari Poghosyan, Artist Designer and Author

“Lems Nersisyan is not only a respected scholar of Armenian art but also a meticulous historian-artist of our monasteries.

-Aelita Dolukhanyan

Ph.D. Professor, Member of the RA NAS, “Literary sheet” journal, 2017.”

Translated & Edited by

Mari Poghosyan

Dr. Prashant Madanmohan


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